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Tacit Approval From US Liberals For Islamic Indoctrination In US Schools.

That's the usual complaint, with US liberals, they'd rather see indocrination with a faith that preaches the murder of those who do not accept its teachings. (Image source)

Some schools in US State Of Virginia are closed today (18 December, 2015), because parents objected to what they see as a blatant exercise in Islamic indoctrination by the state education system. As this is a British blog (though we attract many US readers and have followings in most developed nations, it should be pointed out that the US Constitution's clauses on the separation of church and state forbid the promotion of any specific religious teaching, in fact US liberals tend to get their knickers in a twist over signs in classrooms that show the motto "In God we trust."

In spite of that, teachers in the liberal dominated Virginia education department saw no problem with including in a ninth grade (about a ninth grade (age 14 - 15) geography assignment that required students to copy the Shahada, an Islamic statement of faith that says, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

Parent Kimberly Herndon said she was "shocked that this was sent home, shocked that this was in the schools [and] shocked that this was right here in our small town," local news channel reported. Herndon added she felt her rights as a parent had been violated.

Other parents joined Ms Herndon in objecting to the World Geography curriculum project, because they are aware how even the most innocuous reference to Christian beliefs has been made the subject of witch hunts by liberal media organisations and commentators. The felt was was being presented as part of a geography lesson was a blatant piece if Islamic propaganda. The outcry resulted in mainstream media coverage, for the story. Because of this, the school division began to receive numerous phone calls and e mail messages. As a result of those communications, the Sheriff’s Office and the school division coordinated to increase police presence at Augusta County schools and to monitor those communications. To aviod the school becoming the target of politically motivated attacks a decision was taken to close the school.

Augusta County Public Schools issued the following statement about the closure, which it noted was decided upon with the recommendation of law enforcement:

Augusta County Schools and all administrative offices will be closed Friday, December 18, 2015.

All after school activities for Thursday, December 17th are canceled.

You can read more on the story HERE. What interested us about the incident is that not one squeak of protest about the schools actions has been seen on mainstream media sites or from liberal bloggers and alternative news sites. Hypocrisy is a feature of left wing politics in Britain and Europe as well as the USA so this is not surprising to us. It is worth reminding our left leaning friends who are so anxious to suck up to foreigners living in our communities, they are eager to hold those outsiders to different standards than they demand from people of their own nationality and culture of something written by Marcus Tullius Cicero around 2100 years ago.

"Since our ancestors came down from the hills ten thousand years ago and learned to live in communities under the rule of law, it has been understood there can only be one law and it mut apply equally to all."

So why, you liberals and socialists, if it is wrong for a school to say The Lord's Prayer, then surely it must be just as unacceptable to present pupils with The Shahada. And it was not presented as part of a comparative religion lesson, but as if it is a statement of fact. If the law says no religion in classrooms, that means no religion, no exceptions for Islam just because the President and his Chewbacca lookalike wife happens to be fans.

FOOTNOTE: I can understand the USA's ban on religion in class, it is after all a multi cultural society. But as an Englishman, probably the most irreligious nation on earth, I have to say regular lessons in comparative religion in school did not indoctrinate my generation or the ones that have followed.

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