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The Source Of Islamic Radicalism Is biggest US Ally In The Middle East

by Ian R Thorpe

The vassal Barack Hussein Obama bows to his leige lord (Image source)

From the fall of The Ottoman Empire after World War 1, Throughout the rest of the 20th century into 21st, the evolution of Islamic culture has not been rational. Rather than moving forwards with Europe and North America, India and (rather belatedly due to communism) China, the main Islamic nations seem to have slid backwards toward medievalism. If we accept that social selection (or social conditioning) plays the same role in the evolution of societies as natural selection plays in the biological sciences: that is the traits, norms and values which are most conducive to strengthening the cultural community are favoured, then we see why, even as the 'progressives' scream about white privilege, Europe and the USA have manage to streak ahead of other cultures in terms of lifestyle, material benefits, health and longevity. Seen from this angle, social diversity is a desirable quality for social progress; because when diverse customs and value-systems compete with each other, the culture retains the beneficial customs and values and discards the deleterious traditions and habits. Diversity however is a bit more complex than simply lumping people of different skin colours together.

The irony is that cultures rich in diversity, such as those of Europe and North America, with populations formed of well educated and highly individualistic people is less well equipped to survive when the going gets tough than a highly centralized and tightly organized society such as those dominated by religion.

A decentralized and unorganized religion, like Sufi Islam or protestant Christianity, encourage diversity of belief and interpretation and this diversity tends to neutralise the messages of extremist groups. On the other hand, theocratic authoritarianism depends more on dogma and threat of osratacism or excommunication rather than gaining appeal through the moral framework and community bonds it offers. A centralized religion is also less receptive to change that a more liberally structured religion.

The resurgence of religious extremism and the consequent militancy and terrorism in Syria, Iraq and the Afghan - Pakistan region in particular and the Islamic world in general is not a natural evolution of religion, some mutations have occurred which have spread the whole of Islamic world. Most Pakistani political commentators blame the Afghan and Pakistani political establishment for promoting religious extremism and militancy throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s in order to create a Jihadi narrative which served the totalitarian instincts of and strategic objectives of military governments.

The Af-Pak region however is a fairly isolated and non typical manifestation of Islam (as anyone who has watched the Sean Connery / Michael Caine move "The Man Who Would be King" will understand although the producers wisely followed author Rudyard Kipling in setting the story in a fictional country with a fictional religion,) but the support of Pakistani armed services for Islamic jihadism during the late stages of the Cold War is only one factor in many that have to be considered in order to reach a comprehensive understanding of the phenomena of Islamic radicalism and the agents that are responsible for it. The resurgence of extremism is not limited to the Af-Pak region, the whole of Islamic world from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria in north Africa to Nigeria, Congo and Kenya in sub Saharan Africa, the Balkans and Caucasian nations in Europe, India and Indonesia. Muslim minorities in Malaysia, Thailand, China and Philippines have also become involved in seditious protest and efforts to destabilise nations in parts of the world where the Pakistani military have no influence whatsoever

It is becoming more and more obvious as evidence stacks up, the real culprit behind the rise of Islamic extremism and jihadism in the Islamic world is Saudi Arabia. The “Aal-e-Saud” (the descendants of Saud) have no hereditary claim to “the Throne of Mecca” since they are not the descendants of the prophet, nor even from the tribe of Quraysh (custodians of throne of Mecca from the pagan era,) of whom the Koran says:

For the protection of Quraysh: their protection in their summer and winter journeyings. Therefore let them worship the Lord of this House who fed them in the days of famine and shielded them from all peril." (Surah 106:1-2)

The Quraysh were the most primitive nomadic tribesmen of Najd who defeated the Sharifs of Mecca violently after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War. Their title to the throne of Saudi Arabia is only de facto and not de jure, since they have no hereditary claim to the Saudi monarchy nor do they hold elections to ascertain the will of the Saudi people. Thus, they are the illegitimate rulers of Saudi Arabia, installed for political advantage by colonial powers France and Britain (the latter working through through the agency of Lawrence Of Arabia) after The Ottoman Empire collapsed in the years following 1918. Like all tyrannies that have seized power illegitimately they feel insecure because of their illegitimacy, a fact which explains their heavy-handed and brutal tactics in dealing with any kind of dissent, opposition or movement for reform in Saudi Arabia.

The phenomena of religious extremism and jihadism all over the Islamic world is directly linked to the Wahhabi-Salafi madrassahs which are generously funded by the Saudi and Gulf’s petro-dollars.

Another factor in the rise of Wahhabi-Salafi ideology throughout the Islamic world is the immigrant factor. Millions of Muslims, mainly single men, a few with women and families from all over heavily populated Third World Islamic countries live and work in the energy-rich Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman. Some of them permanently reside there but mostly they work on temporary work permits. Just like the pilgrims, when they come back to their native villages and towns, they also bring along the tales of Arab hospitality and their version of “authentic Islam.” Spending time in the Arab countries where The Prophet lived and travelled to spread his message entitles one to pass authoritative judgments on religious matters, and having a cursory understanding of Arabic, the language of Quran, makes one equivalent of a Qazi (a learned jurist) among the illiterate village folk; and they simply reproduce the customs and attitudes of the Arabs, whose Wahhabi and Salafist sects are the most extreme form of Islam, as the authentic Islam to their communities just as missionaries of the Roman Catholic Church for centuries maintained its domination by claiming the centralised, organised, hierachic and politically corrupt sect was 'the one true church of Christ.

In fact it is generally assumed about Sunni Islam that it discourages the authority of the clergy and in this sense, is closer to Protestantism, at least theoretically, because it prefers an individual and personal interpretation of scriptures and religion to the hierarchic theocracy of Shia. While this might be true for the enlightened, educated and westernised Sunni Muslims for the illiterate masses of the Third World Islamic countries “the House of Saud” plays the same role in Sunni Islam that the Pope plays in Catholicism.

When we hear slogans like “no democracy, just Islam” on the streets of the Third World Islamic countriell as in the bloodstained avenues of Paris, London or New York, it is tempting to ask what kind of an imbecile nation would forgo its right to choose the government through a democratic and election? Increasingly however we see democracy failing or being usurped by 'liberal' elites or socialist oligarchies. This is due to to a large extent to voters having been fed through media propaganda the 'pensée unique' fallacy that conflates democracy with with politically correct thinking. Democracy is only a political process of choosing one’s representatives and legislators through an electoral process, while liberalism is a cultural mindset. And in many democratic societies the determination of political, professional and academic elites that when it comes to gaining and holding power, the end justifies the means, is it any wonder social evolution has gone into reverse and we seem to be heading back to a kind of feudalism.


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